Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ahhhh....The Birds and the Bees

Okay, just the birds really!! Every year it seems that we have a bird build a nest in one of the 2 ferns we always have on our front porch. This year I think we had 2 birds sharing one nest as you will see from the eggs in the pictures. i first checked the nest and there were 5 eggs, 2 large brown spotted ones, and 3 smaller blue ones. The next day i checked it, there was one more blue one, and the next day after that there was another blue one. So that made for 2 large eggs and 5 smaller eggs. Quite the crowded home!! Time passed and I begin to check for babies, and the first one to hatch was one of the brown eggs, so you will see pictures of that baby bird. Sadly, when I went back to check again, there were only 5 unhatched blue eggs in the nest, that baby bird was gone and so was the other brown egg. I'm thinking that unfortunately the mother of the spotted eggs was no longer around and the new mommy got rid of the foreign babies. My kids didn't really understand that but were soon awed by the other babies that were hatching. I reminded them of the verse in the Bible that says God provides daily for the birds of the air and how much more he loves us and will continue to provide for us all that we need everyday. It has been truly amazing to watch the little birds as the sat with their little beaks open, blindly waiting for their next meal. Sometimes I feel that way, just wandering around blindly, depending on someone else instead of on God. When i put my trust in Him, I can walk boldly, not blindly, in this world, trusting He will provide all I need and more, each and every day.